Friday, September 09, 2005

Honorable Mention

So the editorial in today's Sun starts off like they were almost considering endorsing me, or at least my platform:

"The office of Public Advocate is a position we'd have advocated abolishing--that is, until a dentist from Queens, Jay Golub, visited our offices..."
Then they go on to list all the nifty policies Golub advocates, never mind the fact that the office is powerless to act on any of them. The editorial concludes:

"Another candidate who visited the Sun's offices is the Libertarian Party's James Lesczynski. He is running on the platform of abolishing the office he refers to as 'New York City's equivalent of the queen of England.' He promised the Sun, 'if elected on the first day I would fire the staff, padlock the office, and refuse to take the salary.' He would then tell the City Council to 'return the money to the taxpayers.' We're sympathetic to Mr. Lesczynski's argument, but considering Dr. Golub's policies, we'd recommend giving the office one last chance."


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