Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How to Write a News Story Without Mentioning the Subject

I'm starting to get the feeling reporters are going out of their way not to mention me. First, The New Yorker quotes me last week without attribution. Now today, the New York Post runs a page 3 story about my No Poker, No Peace protest at 1 Police Plaza tomorrow, and never once mentions Jim Lesczynski or the Libertarian Party. I spent a long time talking to the reporter yesterday and made it clear this was a Libertarian protest, but the only quote they used was from my friend Ron Wieck, who I mentioned to the reporter as an afterthought.

The good news is that the Post article generated more interest from the other local media, so it looks like we'll have some cameras down there tomorrow. In fact, Channel 9 is running a story about the protest on the News at 10 tonight. And no, they did now interview for the story. They only interviewed Ron Wieck, since he was mentioned in the Post story. Sigh.


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