Thursday, July 14, 2005


Channels 5, 9 and 2 all ran stories on our poker protest at 1 PolicePlaza, and all 3 reports never once used the word Libertarian. 5 and 9 didquote me and put my name under me, but they gave my title as "PokerSupporter" and "No Poker, No Peace" respectively. The channel 9 story atleast briefly showed the Manhattan Libertarian Party banner in thebackground.

Yesterday channel 9 and the NY Post both did advance stories on ourprotest, and no mention of me or the LP.Last week "The New Yorker" ran a story on the race for Public Advocate,and directly quoted me in the lead paragraph -- with quote marks andeverything -- without attribution.

Anybody else starting to think they're deliberately snubbing us?

Let's see how the Friday morning papers report the story.


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