Wednesday, September 14, 2005

And Then There Were 4

The Democrats had their little dog-and-pony show yesterday. As expected, Siegel, Rasiej, Cabbagestalk, et al, were voted off the island. The incumbent Betsy "Queen Elizabeth" Gotbaum won with something like 48% of the vote.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the race--for any office--was Michael Brown finishing third in the Democratic primary for Public Advocate. He has been a complete non-entity. If he's raised any money, he kept it a secret from the CFB (not that there's anything wrong with that). He didn't even appear on Hardfire when the rest of us Public Advocate candidates debated. I doubt he was invited or that Gary Popkin was even aware of Brown's candidacy.

My own theory is that the Democrats confused him with former FEMA head Mike Brown and voted for him to protest the futility of the Public Advocate. Maybe those same folks will vote for me in November.

So now we are left with:
  • Betsy Gotbaum (Democrat)
  • Jay Golub (Conservative)
  • Bernie Goetz (Independent)
  • Jim Lesczynski (Libertarian)
Maybe I'll get the formidable anti-last-name-starting-with-G vote.

No Republican is on the ballot.

If anyone thinks this race is over, they're in for a big surprise. I promise we'll have some fun with this motley crew between now and November 8.


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