Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whites Need Not Apply

One of the funniest races this year -- to me anyway -- is for the 11th Congressional district in Brooklyn, being vacated by Major Owens. I never thought I'd see the day when I actually felt sorry for a putz like David Yassky, a protege of Chuck Schumer and a notorious victim-disarmer in his own right. But the race-baiters in this city have talent. They're up in arms because Yassky is running in a district that was specifically gerry-mandered to elect a black representative. What does Yassky think this is, a free country?

To prevent the catastrophe of whitey getting the Democratic nomination, Albert Vann and the other usual suspects are urging some of the black contenders to drop out and rally around one candidate, so as not to split the black vote. One of the many delicious ironies of this story, as 51st State's Azi Paybarrah observes, is that the black "leadership" is actively discouraging black candidates from running!

But what the Democrats don't realize is that even if they out-maneuvir Yassky, they still have to contend with another white boy, the mighty Dr. Steve Finger, who is running for the 11th Congressional district on the Libertarian line (among others). Apparently Dr. Steve didn't get the memo that his kind ain't welcome.

Give Congress the Finger!


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