Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shelly Screws the Taxpayers (Again)

This is classic Boss Silver. You wouldn't think this is an important story, because the Times buried it in section B. Yesterday the Assembly Judiciary Committee was set to reform this insane law that allows injured public employees to collect both a full disability pension and sue for future lost wages (i.e., they get paid twice by you the taxpayer for the same injury). This ridiculous practice costs New York City millions of dollars each year, but the personal injury attorneys love it. The committee members thought they finally had enough votes to approve the measure and bring it it to a vote before the full assembly. Then Sheldon saunters in and adds 3 lackeys to the committee. Of course all 3 voted against the bill, defeating it.

Did I mention that Silver is a partner in the largest personal injury law firm in the state?

At least the Daily News thought the story was important enough to make it the lead editorial. And the great Henry Stern is steaming mad.


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